Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Like Beer Now!!

Ive been nothing but a Captain Morgan drinker for years! Always hated the taste and smell of beer! I hated bar tending some days cause of all the spilled beer! Now I guess my taste buds are changing finally cause I was craving something different! We went to The Flying Saucer on thanksgiving (our new tradition) and I instinctively ordered a Captain. Half way into the glass I remembered that if I was ever in a place to drink beer I was there and grabbed the beer list from the table!! Pete had ordered me a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat before and didn't care for it the first time but have been wanting to try it again so decided to start there...and it was DELICIOUS!! Next I ordered the Sam Adams Blackberry something and it was even better!! 
So a few days later at the club meeting guess who showed up with a 6 pack instead of a bottle? Thats right... this girl!!

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